“Calbright is free and teaching exactly what I wanted” – Meet Vanna, a Calbright student

After working at Starbucks for 15 years, Vanna didn’t just want a new job – she wanted to be in a whole new industry.

“I’d been in the food service industry for so long, and I was getting so frustrated. The pandemic really took a toll on me mentally and physically, because that job had me on my feet all day,” she said.

She decided she wanted to go into a career that uses Salesforce. As a CRM Administrator, she’d be paid well to use the same people and problem solving skills that she already had. She just needed the technical training. 

“But all the classes in Salesforce that I found cost around $4,000,” she said. “It was ridiculous. I already had student loans, I certainly couldn’t pay that. I didn’t want to pay anything if I could help it. So I did more research, and then I found Calbright. It was free, and teaching exactly what I wanted.”

Vanna has a new job she loves. Read Vanna’s story, in her own words.

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