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It Can Be Easy to Transition to a Career in IT

IT support jobs pay well, are in demand, and about as recession proof as jobs get. Now, as more and more companies are hiring candidates who have the right skills instead of a diploma, IT jobs are more accessible than ever before.  

For people looking for a new or better career path, it’s never been easier to transition into technology.

Here at Calbright, we have had a lot of students who said they always enjoyed fiddling around with computers, but never imagined they could make that into a career. Students like Hector and David had a knack, but weren’t sure how to turn that into a job. 

That’s where Calbright comes in. Our free Information Technology Support program prepares students for the CompTIA A+ certificate, an industry standard for IT jobs. Students can complete our program on their own schedules in a way that fits their lives. More than that, however, Calbright also has career readiness programs that support students in their job searches. Each student gets a career coach, networking opportunities, virtual job events with industry professionals, help with their resumes, and more. 

By working with Calbright, students like David, Hector, Williams and Alana, are able to transition to technology and get jobs they love. 

Studies show that getting the right certification can significantly improve someone’s career. Free online community college classes are a great way for people who like computers to find a job they love working with computers. At Calbright they can do it on their own schedule, have all the support they need, and carry no student debt. 

You can learn more, and get all your questions answered, at a virtual information session

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