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Free Online Community College Classes Mean You Can Invest In Yourself for 2023

Where do you want to be this time next year? What do you want your life to be like?

For people with the right skills, there are plenty of good jobs at companies across California. IT Support workers report feeling recession proof, and there are significantly more open IT positions than candidates.  Cybersecurity jobs pay well and companies are desperate to find qualified applicants: recent surveys show that for every 100 cybersecurity jobs, there are only 48 qualified applicants. Nearly every company in the world uses CRM software like Salesforce, which means people who can use Salesforce are in high demand in every industry

For people like that, the economy has made a full recovery. People who don’t have those kinds of skills are living in a very different world.

For many people the only thing keeping them from a better life and a good career is a few skills, some of which they already have. What they don’t have is the time or money to invest in a traditional education.

That’s why the state of California created Calbright.

Calbright is the state’s only online, statewide community college district, and is focused on serving adult Californians. Our classes are free, flexible, and career focused. We don’t offer traditional degrees, we offer certificates in crucial skills that employers are hiring for like IT Support, Cybersecurity, and CRM Platform Administration. Students take classes on their own schedules, whether that’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or on 10 minute breaks during the day. All of our courses are designed to be finished in less than a year (but students can take more time, if they need it and are making progress).

That means that if you enroll in Calbright at the end of 2022, at no cost, by this time in 2023 you could be prepared to embark on a new career in a high-demand field, or using new skills to excel in your current role.  

2023 is waiting for you, and Calbright is ready to help you make your education goals a New Year’s reality.

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